Product properties

Unsurpassed professional qualities guarantee perfect performance characteristics.

Laboratory-tested quality.


Our research lab is equipped with state-of-the-art technology. In order to guarantee our high quality standard, we perform continuous chip, dishwasher and metal abrasion tests. The glaze and pattern comply with the stringent requirements of the US standard "Proposition 65". This reassurance can only be provided with high quality products.

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Genuine hard porcelain.


Diamonds are the hardest material, closely followed by porcelain. No wonder that out-of-house catering with its heavy demands relies on this robust material. Our hard porcelain is of premium quality: we use only first-grade raw materials and work with a firmly established quality assurance system.

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Glazed and polished rims and feet.


We take extra care to polish and glaze even the rims and feet of catering tableware. As a result, there is no risk of unsightly and unappetizing traces of lipstick or tea on cup rims. And sharp-edged feet are very much a thing of the past.

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Dishwasher-safe decorations.


Even after the 1000th wash cycle, Bauscher porcelain will still look like new and its surfaces will sparkle like they did on the first day. Their patterns will not fade or be damaged, for at the extremely high temperature our colours sink into the glaze and fuse with it. This means that they are permanently protected.

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Unsurpassed resistance to chipping.


Plate and cup rims are problem zones in any tableware, as they are the most exposed to stress. By means of a special design, we have integrated the necessary high stability directly into the shape. This intelligent marriage of form and function provides a uniquely high level of chip resistance - without making the individual pieces too heavy!

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No danger in the event of breakage.


In the event of breakage the behaviour of our hard porcelain is very "calculable". It merely falls into a number of compact pieces - in contrast to hard glass, which will shatter into a multitude of tiny fragments, involving a substantially greater risk of injury. The test photo clearly shows the difference.

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Perfect functionality.


The handling and storage of our porcelain is greatly facilitated by optimized stackability: in addition, all our cups can be banquet stacked. Even our plates, pots and saucers can be safely stacked. The multi-functionality of many of our articles enables a reduction in the total number of pieces. For example, coffee cups, soup bowls and coffee mugs will fit onto the same saucer. What is more, the easy-grip properties of plates and saucers will distinctly speed up service.

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Maximum resistance to cutting.


Even the sharpest knife cannot compete with a firing temperature of over 1400 degrees. Thanks to the extremely hard surface, the glaze on Bauscher’s porcelain will stand up to even the most exacting treatment: it is resistant to scratches, caustic solutions, shocks and metal abrasion. This enables our tableware to retain its lustre while being hygienically safe. And, of course, it results in less wear.

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Absolutely hygienic surfaces.


Long-term tests have shown that even after years of most intensive use, the surface of Bauscher porcelain is still homogeneous and absolutely impervious. What this means specifically is that even aggressive germs are unable to penetrate the porcelain and will consequently never find their way into the food.

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No inaccessible nooks and crannies.


We invite you to take a closer look into the hidden nooks and crannies of our porcelain - you will find no "dirt traps". The jug handles, for example, are flush-mounted on the inside, so that dirt has no opportunity to accumulate inside the hollow parts. The closed bodies of lids and smooth handle and spout attachments are also made for easier washing. That all saves time and money and guarantees the highest possible level of hygiene.

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Design with function.


Distinctive aesthetics and harmony feature in each of our porcelain ranges. After all, food must also be pleasing to the eye. The design of our products does not stop at shape, for it is the perfect combination of design and function that makes Bauscher tableware so unique. That is a requirement that professional porcelain must fulfil - no ifs, no buts.

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Optimal storage of heat.


Bauscher quality porcelain has optimum heat retention properties.

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