product and advantages

pabis - the first intelligent plate

pabis - payment by intelligent solutions

The innovative pabis system (payment by intelligent solutions) allows payment processes at cash registers to be automated and substantially reduces process costs.

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology allows easy tracking of a product. Individual information is transmitted in a contactless process via a radio-controlled chip (transponder).

On the basis of this technology, Bauscher worked with avus Services to develop an almost 100% accurate payment solution for the professional catring sector. 

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pabis - an example

The transponder chip glued onto the underside of a plate ’recognizes’ what kind of food is placed on the porcelain (e.g. schnitzel, salad). The plate sends this information as well as the prices of the different items to the (electronic) cash register. There, the guest receives a bill listing all the selected items and pays for the meal in a cashless transaction. The same principle applies for beverages.


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pabis - means cost savings

The payment process is automated. In this way, pabis can generally help you to lower costs by at least 50% - while increasing convenience for your guests.


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pabis - optimises your planning

pabis can also be used in combination with inventory management systems. Sold products can quickly be reordered and restocked when needed. This guarantees a high level of planning reliability.


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pabis - uses the latest technology

The system is based on Radio Frequency Identification Technology (RFID), which allows remote wireless data transfer.

For further information regarding RFID please follow this link:

pabis consists of various components:

  • a transponder, a radio-controlled chip, which is glued on the underside of the porcelain or a glass 
  • wireless antenna stations at the counter or cash register 
  • a till system, that reads in the transponder data and deducts the relevant amount from the diner´s magnetic card 
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pabis - a clever solution

Our highly competent partners ensure a system that is both efficient and cost-effective. Bauscher, a leader in innovation, works together with avus Services (technological solutions) for a trouble-free implementation.


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