Soup, stew


Highly recommended

Modern professional catering is impossible to imagine without soups and stews, both as an appetizer and a satisfying main meal.

Bauscher offers you a broad selection of functional and beautifully designed pieces for the appetizing presentation of your soup ideas.

MaitreCream soup cup 0.27 stackable70 2826
MaitreSaucer 1870 6918
EnjoyBowl 0.4492 6594
OptionsPlatter coup narrow rectangular 4171 2341
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A fresh offensive

The trend toward light, healthy cuisine continues. Salads have been an integral part of catering buffets and theme islands for many years. These colorful perennial favorites are popular as a crisp side dish, but also much in demand as a main dish.

MaitreBowl round 2070 5720
MaitreBowl round 1570 5715
ModulusDish rectangular 2095 5820
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Wok, Asia


Far-eastern lightness

Asian dishes are a real favorite in professional catering because the chopped vegetables, meat or fish ingredients are light and take little time to cook. Served directly on the plate, wok dishes offer healthy, light meals.

With the simple bowls and platters of the Maître and Modulus collection, Asian indulgences can be spotlighted stylishly. Options makes use of a modern triangle shape with the lavish look of its deep dinner plates.

OptionsPlate deep coup triangular 3071 1630
MaitreBowl round 1270 5712
ModulusPlate flat square 1911 1519
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Perfect for pasta

Mediterranean cuisine has enjoyed an unabated popularity for years. Pasta
dishes, in particular, have a growing fan base around the world and across
generations. Hardly any staff canteen or school catering service does without
them, and for good reason – because pasta and sauces can be prepared in
unlimited variations.

The round Maître textured plate provides an ideal setting for pasta specialties, and also impresses with its comfortable handling. Its generous rim frames the pasta with naturally curving relief lines.

MaitrePlate deep wide rim with structure 2870 1978
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A sweet finale

Desserts round off a meal wonderfully. Porcelain and glass are the perfect setting for this occasion. Desserts can be offered in glass cabinets with minimal space requirements thanks to the functional design of the 6200 collection. Another attractive option is to offer pre-portioned desserts in Smart glass on Bonn / Bistro saucers.

B1100Plate flat with rim 1711 0017
6200Fruit saucer round 1262 6112
SmartCocktail tumbler 210 ml43 9221
Bonn/BistroSaucer54 6925
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Hot beverages, snacks


Inviting breaks

Coffee or tea breaks are welcome respites from the daily routine. Many people enjoy their first cup on the road – at a motorway restaurant, on the train or in the cafeteria. They like to return to this invigorating ritual as the day progresses. Create an inviting atmosphere for these breaks. The modern cups from the collection enjoy, winner of the red dot design award, are easy to grip.

EnjoyMug 0.3092 5630
EnjoyPlate flat asymmetric 2192 1521
EnjoyCup 0.3592 5185
EnjoySaucer 2 wells92 7135
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