Case Studies

Case Studies

Case Study 01 - Mensen FH und Universität Regensburg

Name of property
Mensen Hochschule und Univ. Regensburg
OperatorStudentenwerk Niederbayern / Oberpfalz
TownRegensburg, Germany
Number of meals 2.500 (HS.R) daily; 6.000 (UR) daily
Employees200 (kitchen and serving counter)
Client since2006 (HS.R); 2009 (UR)
Porc.collectiondimension + individual décor
At a glance> Personal: individually designed décor
> Sophisticated: modern table culture, even for mass catering
> Extreme stress: up to 4 cycles daily with approx. 2,000 (RUAS) respectively 5,000 (UR) pieces

Today, table culture is part of the academic campus concept. This development is demonstrated impressively in the cafeteria of the Regensburg University of Applied Sciences (RUAS), which opened in 2006. Together with the library, it forms the architectural center of the campus.

The cafeteria also opened a new chapter with the choice of porcelain – Dimension from Bauscher. Every culinary creation can be covered using just a few items. The tableware and the individually developed patterns underscore the high standards.
The gently curved design of the plate is emphasized by a red band.

Coupled with the highest functionality, this modern esthetic was so impressive that the cafeteria of the University of Regensburg (UR), which reopened in 2009, also adopted this concept. Serving up to 6,000 meals daily demands highly organized procedures in narrow timeframes and the most state-of-the-art cleaning systems.

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Case Study 02 - Freie Schule Anne-Sophie, Panorama Hotel & Service GmbH

Name of property
Freie Schule Anne-Sophie
OperatorPanorama Hotel- und Service GmbH
TownKünzelsau, Germany
Number of meals650 daily
Employees7 (kitchen, serving counter)
Client since2010
Porc.collectionoptions, maitre, dimension + individual décor
At a glance> Personal: the individual logo decoration reflects the distinctiveness of the school concept
> Distinguished: nutrional concept and meal quality certified by the German Nutrition Society (DGE)
> Convincing: Panoarama Catering also relies on Bauscher porcelain in the Würth Group`s staff restaurants

The Freie Schule Anne-Sophie located in Künzelsau, Germany is a school that sees itself as a place to learn combined with the sense of well-being. The architecture, the learning structures, and the pedagogic support create a positive environment.

A highquality nutritional concept is an integral part of this. The value of healthy eating is taught early. The learning partners are introduced to cook in kitchens suitable for children, and nutrition is part of the lesson. At lunchtime, they eat together with the learning guides. One wholesome meal and one vegetarian meal are offered each day.

Since 2010, about 650 meals a day are served on the Options, Maître, and Dimension collections from Bauscher. The selected items are decorated with the school’s logo and fully tailored to the needs of their school catering.

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Case Study 03 - Deutsche Bahn AG, Berlin

Name of property
Deutsche Bahn AG
OperatorDB Fernverkehr AG
TownBerlin, Frankfurt a. Main, Germany
Guestsapprox. 15% of all travelers annually
Employees1.600 on-board catering, 400 logistics of on-board-catering
Client since1999
Porc.collectionCarat (embossed porcelain)
At a glance> Timeless: high-quality porcelain, ideal for changing culinary offers
> Trust: good, long-term cooperation since  1999
> Speed: Bauscher impresses with "just-in-time" logistics

A train trip provides space to relax. There is enough time to chat, read, listen to music, and even to dine.

In the ‘restaurant on rails’ travelers enjoy culinary delights. Since 2005, meals have been served on the embossed collection Carat from Bauscher. This white porcelain with the timeless look creates a sophisticated atmosphere.

The dinnerware meets the specific requirements of a traveling restaurant with lab-tested robustness and trouble-free handling. Deutsche Bahn appreciates top-class service such as long-term supply and on-time delivery. Ordered items have to be delivered at short notice to the ten warehouses all over Germany. A logistical challenge that Bauscher masters reliably.

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Case Study 04 - Europa-Park GmbH & CO

Name of property
Pizzeria Venezia
OperatorEuropa-Park GmbH & Co
TownRust, Germany
Number of meals3.000 daily
Employees35 (kitchen, service)
Client since1975 (Europa-Park)
Porc.collectiondialog + individual décor
At a glance

> Mass catering: themed gastronomy with high seasonal peaks
> Successful: highest volume restaurant operation in Germany in one location
> Bauscher is represented in a variety of theme worlds

More than 4 million visitors enjoy themselves at Europa-Park annually. Germany’s largest amusement park captivates visitors with over 100 breathtaking attractions and shows. Visitors can experience 50 traditional restaurants reflecting 13 country themes, some with self-service, such as the Pizzeria Venezia. There, fresh meals are prepared live at a front cooking station.

Bauscher is just as well represented in the theme restaurants as in the theme hotels. An individual note was important to the operator in the jointly developed porcelain concept. The choice went to the Dialog collection, whose timeless design allows changing country-specific cuisine. Various décor versions emphasize individual aspects. However, the majority comes with the famous Europa Park logo.

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Case Study 05 - Spiegel-Verlag

Name of property
TownHamburg, Germany
Number of meals1.000 daily
Employees76 (kitchen, service)
Client since2011
Porc.collectionsilhouette, raffinesse ( both cream)
At a glance> Prestigious: porcelain design corresponds to the prestige of the building
> Creative: design ideal for innovative food ideas
> Flexible use: porcelain covers every meal  theme from breakfast to afternoon coffee

The SPIEGEL Group has been based in Hamburg’s HafenCity since 2011. Employees eat in the light-filled cafeteria with a terrace over the water. There is a breakfast buffet in the morning and table service at lunchtime. Orders can be placed in advance via the intranet. The fifth-floor snack bar displays some original elements from the Panton cafeteria of the old SPIEGEL building, which can be seen in the museum as a whole.

Silhouette and Raffinesse in Duracream® were chosen for the porcelain. The elegant design reflects the modern prestige of the building and offers interesting options for arranging meals. Thanks to its functional quality, the dishes can durably withstand the everyday stress of mass catering. An impressive combination of function and
modern design.

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Case Study 06 - Jim Block

Name of property
Jim Block Restaurantbetriebe GmbH
TownHamburg, Germany
Number of mealsmore than 2 million burgers annually
Client since2006
Porc.collectionoptions, function, bonn
At a glance> Differentiation: porcelain becomes an important medium to convey the premium image
> Corporate identity: customized logo, creating a "Jim-Block-Feeling" at all locations
> Cooperation: Bauscher has been a supplier to the Block Group for decades

Jim Block has upgraded the hamburger. Since 1973 the selfservice restaurant chain has proven that burgers can be marketed as a premium food, too. The idea: combining stylish ambiance with uncomplicated cuisine, while guests enjoy attentive and highquality service. The meals are prepared in front of the guests using fresh ingredients. Block Burgers made from the best beef are grilled, and the salads freshly prepared, only when orders from guests are received.

The food is served on high-class, decorated porcelain: Options, Function and Bonn are a perfect fit here. The concept behind the range was coordinated between Bauscher and a specialist retailer and then customized to the specific operating
procedures of the restaurants.

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Case Study 07 - Brainlab, food for thought GmbH

Name of property
Brainlab AG
Operatorfood for thought GmbH
TownMunich, Germany
Guests450 daily
Employees1.070 Brainlab, 14 food for thought
Client since2006
Porc.collectionmodulus, options, bistro
At a glance> Innovative concept: staff meals in a restaurant atmosphere thanks to specialists for high-quality business catering
> Special feature: showboards from Modulus instead of traditional trays
> Exclusive design: geometric plates permit creative food presentations 

Can a large-scale catering facility get by without trays?

If they dare to be bold, they can. Since the move to Feldkirchen, Germany in 2007, Brainlab – a worldwide market leader in computer-supported medical technology – has broken new ground in company catering together with the operator ‘food for thought’.

Instead of standard trays, the modern showboards from Modulus are used to transport meals. They have also dispensed with the weekly meal menu. Instead, guests are inspired by what is on offer to spontaneously make a selection. The cuisine consists of almost exclusively freshly prepared items and is influenced by modern culinary trends.

The round and rectangular plates from Options and the presentation possibilities from Modulus open up creative room for the cooks to showcase their dishes.

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Case Study 08 - Futurecom World

Name of property
TownMunich, Germany
Guestsguests at over 12.000 events annually
Employees40 - 70
Client since2005
Porc.collectionoptions, maitre, raffinesse, GN-trays
At a glance> Stylish: FUTURECOM creates a variety of catering themes, from sporty to high-class
> International: Bauscher meets the demands of top international events
> Professional porcelain: Quality Made in Germany 

FUTURECOM World was awarded the Business Diamond Award as the best German service provider in 2007. The list of references for the event caterer and their cooperation partner ProfiMiet reads like a ‘Who’s Who’ of the industry. Whether Formula 1, the Olympic Games, the Bambi awards, or the Salzburg Festival – the
Munich-based ‘event architects’ are on-the-go all over the world.

Since 2005, one of their major suppliers has been Bauscher, whose porcelain is used at over 12,000 events annually. Even at the most prestigious events, such as for the facilities of the entire VIP areas at the World Cup 2006 in Germany and 2010 in South Africa.

The versatile, timeless forms of Options are primarily used. But depending on the occasion, the advantages of Maître and Raffinesse are also appreciated, as are the Gastronorm trays from Bauscher, indispensable for every buffet.

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Case Study 09 - Gamla Ullevi, Ullevi Restaurant & Konferens AB (GURK)

Name of property
Gamla Ullevi Stadion Gothenburg
OperatorUllevi Restaurant & Konferens AB (GURK)
TownGothenburg, Sweden
Guests10.- 17.000 visitors at approx. 60 soccer matches annually 
Porc.collectionmaitre, bonn, bistro, b1100, options
At a glance> Conceptual advice: joint development of the porcelain concept for the different areas
> Design requirement: modern porcelain design matching the arena´s outstanding architecture
> International: Bauscher supplies the international catering sector

Opened in 2009, Gothenburg’s (Sweden) Gamla Ullevi Stadium holds more than 18,000 spectators. In 2013 it will be one of the venues hosting the UEFA European Women’s Championship. The culinary needs of the guests will be covered by 17 kiosks, the
sports bar and two VIP lounges. The extensive conference facilities provide great views over the stadium – a meeting space for a diverse range of conferences and events for up to 500 persons, including catering.

The porcelain, too, matches the high demands set by the atmosphere of this flagship arena. The versatile gastronomic choices set the stage for Maître, Bonn, Bistro, B1100 and Options to show off their own special talents. The no-frills design in white hard porcelain plays to the Scandinavian preference for functional design.

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Case Study 10 - Gerstner Catering Betriebs GmbH

Name of property
Messe Wien
OperatorGERSTNER Exhibiton & Congress Catering
TownVienna, Austria
Number of mealsConventions for up to 28.000 guests 
Client since2005 (Gerstner Catering)
Porc.collectionoptions, prisma
At a glance> Professional: GERSTNER event catering at the highest level
> Design: Bauscher collections allow classic and trendy event styling
> Durable: Porcelain can withstand the highest stress of mass catering

In 1873, the Wiener Zuckerbäckerei, which was founded by Anton Gerstner, was named as a purveyor to the royal and imperial court. Thenceforward, GERSTNER regularly organized formal dinners and receptions at the imperial court.

Today, GERSTNER offers catering cuisine and service at the highest level. From cocktail receptions to festive menus, the most illustrious addresses in Vienna are served, whether for business, cultural, or private events.

The collections from Bauscher emphasize the exclusivity of their catering. At the Messe Wien, operated by Reed Exhibitions, GERSTNER Exhibition & Congress Catering meets the culinary needs for trade fairs, consumer exhibitions and international conferences for up to 28,000 guests . They rely on Options and Prisma when implementing these high-volume numbers. Guests of the GERSTNER K&K Hofzuckerbäckerei also dine on Bauscher porcelain.

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