Bauscher stands for system expertise.

Distribution of meals in hospitals and assisted-living facilities is inconceivable without the use of systems. Bauscher has a decades-long tradition of success in the development of suitable porcelain systems. In addition, the wishes and ideas of our customers and the requirements of system manufacturers are continuously incorporated into the design process.

No matter whether your facility utilises passive tray systems or active systems, you can benefit from the very high system compatibility of Bauscher dishware and take advantage of our extensive systems expertise in your decision-making processes. We will be pleased to help you.

Air circulation

Foods can be heated or cooled by streams of hot or cold air. Thermal separation in the trolley prevents any exchange of air between the heating and cooling components. Transport trolleys with air-circulation systems are an ideal solution for meal distribution over long distances, in order to comply with HACCP temperature requirements.

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Contact heating

A porcelain item with a plain bottom is heated up by means of an aluminium or ceran plate either directly or through the contact-heating tray. The porcelain then transfers this heat to the foods to be regenerated or kept warm. The cold foods located on the same tray remain unaffected thanks to the thermal separation in the trolley or insulated individual covers.

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The supply of high-frequency current to the copper coil in an induction trolley / docking station produces an alternating electromagnetic field between the coil support and the coated porcelain item. The resulting heat can be used effectively to heat, reheat or regenerate foods. Because of the targeted heating, cold foods can be located on the same tray without any temperature dividers or other partitions.

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