Our focus: people and environment

Bauscher is socially responsible - today and for coming generations.
Our high-quality porcelain is made exclusively in Germany. This safeguards employment, and this is how we can guarantee compliance with high quality and ethical standards in the manufacturing of our products.

Bauscher optimizes continuously all processes and follows the principle of environmentally sound operations:

- porcelain is made of just a few natural raw materials, and has itself an 
  outstanding environmental balance per se

- the extremely robust Bauscher tableware is manufactured combined with
  energy-efficient and resource-conserving processes

- new firing technologies lower energy consumption by a third of its previous
  level and thus reducing CO2 emissions

- all ceramic components within the production waste are completely recycled

- Bauscher has been awarded with the Energy Efficiency Award 2008 and the
  Energy Prize of the City of Weiden 2010 for ambitious energy savings by our

The issues of environmental protection, resource conservation and energy efficiency are firmly anchored in our corporate culture.

The sustainable success of our environmental management system has also been underscored by our certification according to the strictest of international standards, ISO 14001. In addition, we are the first company in the global porcelain industry whose energy management system is certified according to ISO 50001.

For Bauscher, assuming responsibility also means guaranteeing safety in the workplace and fair treatment of customers and employees.

This understanding of sustainability and responsibility provides above all continuity and reliability for our customers: Bauscher represents environmentally sound solutions and future-proof products that can be relied upon. Porcelain for Tomorrow - Since 1881.

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