Sophistication and suitability for daily use in a crystal clear combination.

The Smart glass tumbler series impresses with its wide variety of uses and is found wherever guests want to be served quickly,  but nevertheless in a pleasant atmosphere. With its rounded shape, the tumbler is comfortable to hold. With its low center of gravity, the glass is especially stable.


Catering to connoisseurs of fine wine

Seeing, feeling, hearing, tasting, and smelling - with the Passion line of glasses, taking pleasure in wine is an experience for all the senses to savor. Passion glasses are perfect for wine, and connoisseurs appreciate their ability to let wine breathe and blossom, their poise and balance when in the hand, and their lovely chink. Made of blown lead-free crystal, Passion glasses are a passionate companion for the plethora of wines.


Genuine poise

High-end catering places stringent demands on glasses, and the Inspiration line’s blown glasses combine all the properties that glass must have to meet them all: Beguiling elegance and compelling functionality. A special process is applied to stretch the slender stems, strengthen their stability, and add a wonderfully sophisticated touch to the glasses. The Inspiration collection’s shapely cup and understated design ensure all eyes are drawn to the essentials. A perfect appraisal with regard to the clarity and color of every wine is masterfully assisted.


An all-rounder with style

Anyone who uses the Advantage glass series is always at an advantage. This comprehensive range offers the discerning professional glasses for every occasion. Produced with great expertise, they are able to specifically accentuate the taste properties of the full range of beverages. The Advantage line pampers the palate of sophisticated guests, not least by honestly reflecting the vintner’s skills.


The compact multi-talent

The Club line of cups is discreet in its appearance and captivates with its diverse usability. It shows itself off to advantage in every situation - whether in a conference room, in a restaurant, or in the evening at a bar. The cups are designed to serve guests quickly and in style and, at the same time, offer Bauscher’s familiar high quality.


Glasses for every moment

Oslo is the perfect line of glasses for every day. It comprises glass jugs in different sizes and elegant beakers for whiskey and long drinks. The modern restaurateur will find many uses for Oslo - anything goes, from evening catering at the bar to holding freshly squeezed juice at the breakfast buffet. The curvaceous silhouette is certainly attractive, but these jugs offer more than good looks. They pour without dripping, are very robust, and combine well with all other Bauscher glass lines. And to make using them even simpler, all Oslo items are available on demand with practical filling lines.