Pure elegance.

Bauscher reinvents porcelain anew. Purity has all the elements to become a modern classic with a clear aesthetic design made from revolutionary hard-porcelain Noble China. Pristine geometric shapes such as circles and ovals are combined in exciting ways with soft, flowing lines. This interplay unlocks the sensual charm of the collection, guaranteeing its appeal with the leading international establishments. Purity promises a dignified presence across a range of elegant interior designs.
Design: Andreas Weber, 2014


For settings that delight

The extraordinary design of the Emotion collection from Bauscher plays out in the ’smile’ of its porcelain pieces. The natural aesthetics of catenoid curves meet reduced basic shapes. Squares and rectangles swing in the rhythm of the theme, sometimes smoothly and gently, and sometimes to dynamic heights. The varied intensity of the curves alludes to a smile, creating a friendly bridge between the different depths of the pieces.

Design: Ottenwälder and Ottenwälder, 2011


Capturing the verve of inventive cuisine

Be it fusion, crossover, or molecular cuisine, top restaurateurs put a premium on creative cooking. But exceptional food deserves an equally unusual showcase - dinnerware that truly stands out from the ordinary, for instance, the approximately 20 items of cream flatware in the Silhouette collection. Making a bold visual statement, Silhouette’s sensuous blend of elegance and extravagance captures the eye, inspiring restaurateurs and delighting guests.
Design: Christian Haas, 2008


The sensuous seduction

An extensive collection of tableware made of Duracream®, a hard porcelain in a cream hue, Raffinesse sets the mood for exceptional food. Its soft, graceful lines with extravagant details inspired by nature distinguish the collection. Its silken surface shimmers seductively, conjuring a sublime effect. This combination and the numerous items to choose from underscore the upscale gastronome’s own signature style. And in this way Raffinesse makes it possible to spoil every guest with sumptuous settings tailored specifically to him.
Design: Annette Lang, 2004


Indulgence of a special kind

Inspired by the natural curves of a graceful chain, the Enjoy collection makes a captivating impression with its modern, timeless design that is both unusual and harmonious. With its gentle, contoured lines and unusual design vocabulary, the Enjoy collection embodies natural elegance and turns little moments of pleasure into special occasions. Designed for those who not only want to indulge their guests, but to surprise them as well.
Design: Ottenwälder und Ottenwälder, 2010


Perfect presentation for perfect meals

The peak of enjoyment, contemporary cuisine combined with traditional values, unique gastronomical experiences: Pleasure is a new product range destined to present perfect meals perfectly. Whether the cuisine is fusion, crossover or molecular, Pleasure makes every dining trend an experience. And heightens every piece of top cuisine with unique, impressive ambience.
Design: Elke Parzyjegla, 2009


Setting the stage for an inspiring performance

Of course, in creative cuisine the spotlight is always trained on the food. And Compliments plates, platters, and bowls provide the perfect showcase for these dishes, turning every meal into a memorable event. With its floral embellishments, this design defies expectations and gives modern restaurateurs plenty of creative leeway to invent and reinvent stylish settings.
Design: Elke Parzyjegla, 2007


Minimalism to maximum effect

Purist but not monotonous; confidently modern but far from overbearing. That is Options - with various coup plates, hollowware, bowls, and table accessories - one of the most comprehensive collections from Bauscher. Simple yet varied designs - circular, triangular, or square, they may all be mixed to create myriad arrangements. Whatever idea lies behind the presentation of a dish, Options effortlessly takes it up and expertly trains the spotlight on what is essential.
Design: Atelier Bauscher by Brigitte Johannes und Ottenwälder & Ottenwälder, 2001


Exquisite taste in balance

Tea is enjoying a renaissance, and the fine porcelain Tea-Luxe service brings style and grace to the ritual that celebrates tea as a source of pleasure and well-being. Its harmonious contours pick up on the filigree elements of the traditional tea ceremony and convey them in a modern design language.
Design: Andreas Weber, 2006


A creative all-rounder with a clear approach

The Modulus collection comprises of flatware and bowls for the trend-conscious restaurateur. They provide a pure, aesthetic platform on which to serve the most diverse foods, especially fingerfoods, Asian or Mediterranean specialties. Showboards made of light beech or treated wenge set off the choice porcelain, providing a vibrant contrast between materials and contours.
Design: Atelier Bauscher by Brigitte Johannes, 2002


Success with wider rims

Maître is one of the most popular chinaware collections in high-end catering. And with good reason: The lavish design reveals itself in the round plates with outsized rims, platters with asymmetrical rims, cups in various shapes, and décor variations ranging from striking to elegant. All this bestows the collection an individual and unique style. Qualities that are not only instrumental in arranging a menu, but which are also expected by the discriminating guest.
Design: Atelier Bauscher by Brigitte Johannes, 1989


The original

Cultivated, unconventional, and imbued with joie de vivre, the Bonn collection has much in common with its namesake city, Germany’s former capital. Based on the Bauhaus style, the collection is today found anywhere that treasures those aesthetics. In French bistros, the same as in Mediterranean restaurants, the whole collection works in every setting, and because of its timeless and robust design it quickly became a sought-after classic.
Design: Christian Modrack, 1952


Hands-on pragmatism

Dimension is an inventive and user-oriented collection. Its simple design and exceptional functionality make it the perfect and practical partner for event gastronomy and professional catering. And because here more than just pragmatism is expected, the handles’ striking lines and the hollowware’s refreshing contours also provide the Dimension collection design value.
Design: Prof. Günter Horntrich, 1998


A vivacious host

Come4Table is a lively, light-hearted invitation to come to the table. Generously dimensioned plates with a narrow profile at the edge add a touch of subtle elegance and the spirit of hospitality to gastronomy. Be it light regional cuisine or a festive evening banquet, with its atmospheric and inviting appeal, Come4Table always makes guests feel most welcome.
Design: Atelier Bauscher by Brigitte Johannes, 2003/2015


Decorative understatement

The Prisma collection is restrained and yet impossible to miss. Regardless of which side it is viewed from, Prisma always makes a gleaming impression. Its relief contours are drawn from art nouveau, a style in which form and function play important roles. And with pretensions such as these, the collection not only fits superbly into the Bauscher program, but also suits the application conditions of modern gastronomy.
Design: Prof. Klaus Dombrowski, 1994


An entertainer invites you to the table

A chinaware collection well-suited to universal use, Dialog presents an enjoyable and consistent design language. Its well-proportioned, gently undulating lines accentuate the fine horizontal relief patterns. Together, these two attributes enrich the collection, making it a valuable addition wherever people gather at a table to enjoy one another’s company.
Design: Hans-Wilhelm Seitz, 1991


Timeless porcelain with an excellent profile

With its distinctive relief contours and prominently rounded handles, it is impossible to imagine the Bauscher range without the Carat collection. Because of its clean lines, unique relief, and impressive versatility, this extraordinary collection has persisted and served every dish with contagious gusto for decades.
Design: Hans-Wilhelm Seitz, 1984 (85)


Modern romance

Gala blows a fresh breeze through traditional gastronomy. Its graceful relief with a hint of romance lends this extensive collection its own elegance and creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere at the table.
Design: Hans Achtziger, 1982


A masterpiece of porcelain culture

Stylish establishments all over the world serve their delicacies on the Mozart collection of fine relief porcelain. Every item combines filigree forms with baroque embellishments to create a lighthearted, stylish look. In this way the Mozart collection revives the golden age of the art of porcelain making.
Design: Atelier Bauscher, 1950


Classic design meets tradition

Of all collections in the Bauscher range, the chinaware with the distinctive crosshatch relief has the richest tradition. This charismatic collection has figured prominently in high-end catering since 1911, and is still going strong today. The Stuttgart collection’s trademark relief unites neo-classicist and Biedermeier elements to add an air of distinction to flatware and hollowware.
Design: Atelier Bauscher, 1911



Design diversity for the buffet

In the buffet collection, Function is the name of the program. The many designs and sizes are not only practical for the fact that they can be individually used according to menu and occasion - they can also be used to create completely new buffet presentations. These give the gastronomes the chance to put together their own menus according to whim.
Design: Prof. Günter Horntrich, 1999


Gastronorm trays offer functional advantages that are indispensable to the gastronomer. Gastronorm trays can be versatilely used, can be stacked in a particularly space-saving manner, and are efficient at retaining heat.


All ablaze for everyday use

The baking, soufflé, and special-purpose dishes that make up Bauscher’s classic Luzifer collection are so elegant that they not only look good in the oven but also on the table. Like all Bauscher collections, Luzifer is made of high-quality hard porcelain and is tough enough to effortlessly stand up to the daily demands of professional catering.
Design: Atelier Bauscher, 1881

modern rustic

Experience structure.

Modern Rustic fuses the benefits of Bauscher professional porcelain, featuring impact-resistant edges, with the natural charm of a ceramic look. The smooth lines give each handpainted surface its own character, while the subtle aesthetics deliberately avoid nostalgic references. It translates a coarse texture and rustic style into a modern interpretation of the longing for the authentic.