hospital range

A welcome addition to any system - Bauscher porcelain

Top-quality logistics performance in hospitals and assisted-living homes, as carried out systematically several times a day in meal distribution, needs porcelain which fits in perfectly with these processes. Bauscher offers you exactly the dishware you need: 100% attuned to active and passive systems, functional and extremely durable. Ease of handling is also offered, as well as visually appealing design, something which is becoming increasingly important.

hospital range relief carat

Added value each and every day

With the very successful Carat collection, Bauscher has set new standards. Beautiful, extremely versatile and functional: a perfect stage for every food item on the tray. The extensive product range also leaves a lot of scope for creativity. Carat can be stacked very stably to save space: all important additional benefits in the everyday business of your facility.
Design: Hans -Wilhelm Seitz , 1984

hospital range relief dialog

Ideas with system

At mealtime, Dialog is always on top form on the tray. As an attractive hospital range, it can be integrated very practicably in all popular systems. Everything fits together 100%: lid on bowl, cover over plate, and last but not least, the non-swashing soup bowl. So it is only right that Dialog is the most popular porcelain for hospitals, assisted-living homes and senior residences.
Design: Hans -Wilhelm Seitz, 1991


Sensational - porcelain for induction

Porcelain, a material which has proven its worth over centuries, combined with the high-tech solution for heating foods. A special and optimally adjusted silver coating on the underside of the item transforms Bauscher porcelain into high-performance induction dishware - compatible with the popular systems in this area. Use Bauscher quality porcelain for uniform heating, reheating or regeneration of foods.

plain bottom

A smooth success - dishes for contact heating

With the proven active contact-heating systems, foods can be brought reliably to HACCP-specified temperatures and hygiene regulations can be met. To create a matching dishware solution for the many different concepts of the system manufacturers, Bauscher has designed porcelain items with an absolutely plain bottom, which optimally absorb the heat and transfer it to the foods. The result: food at the perfect temperature.


A combination of curves and corners

When designers consider how an ideal porcelain could look in hospitals and assisted-living homes, the answer is Quadro. With its graphic and yet softly flowing, sweeping forms, Quadro emphasizes once again that functionality and a good appearance don´t have to be a contradiction. With great charm, the modern forms master the day-to-day challenges in hospitals and assisted-living homes. And at every meal, the successful interplay of curves and corners is pleasing on the eye.
Design: Atelier Bauscher, 1985


Timeless utility

The functional intelligence of the B1100 collection is legendary: since its introduction in the early 1960s, it has risen to become the most widely used system porcelain in the world and has won many coveted design prizes. Functionality determines the basic form and the design of each individual piece in both a clear and understated manner. The result is a set of exceptional features, such as very high resistance to breakage and the excellent stackability of the items. B1100 - made for the great challenges in meal distribution.
Design: Heinz H. Engler, 1960


Soft forms for the hard demands of everyday use

Perfect design from your partner in systematic meal delivery: practical as well as elegant thanks to its soft, flowing forms. Functionally as well as visually, it represents a winning combination for any meal-distribution system. Furthermore, with its imaginative items,  Dimension can be used in many exciting ways and can also be admired for its strikingly formed handles and the softly sweeping lines of the plates.
Design: Prof. Günter Horntrich, 1998


In demand worldwide

Having proven itself internationally as a highly functional, image-enhancing porcelain, the Carat collection from Bauscher is one of the most successful hospital ranges. Carat unites functionality and aesthetics. As the first relief form of its time for professional catering, it has an unmistakable look. Carat is modern but not cold, functional but not clinical. On the contrary: this porcelain with its wide rounded handles and striking, sweeping relief offers elegance and verve.
Design: Hans-Wilhelm Seitz, 1984


Clear lines

Dialog is an aesthetically pleasing combination of economic concept, ergonomic design and inviting hospitality. It is not just perfectly tailored to people with limitations; its graphic relief and fresh patterns radiate a certain joie de vivre. For daily use, it offers indispensable features, such as stackability of all parts and maximum breakage resistance. Dialog combines all the advantages of Bauscher professional porcelain for hospitals and assisted-living facilities in one timeless collection.
Design: Hans-Wilhelm Seitz, 1991