Universitaetsklinikum Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE)

Patients in Hamburg dine on Bauscher porcelain

Hospital dining like in a restaurant: As part of a new gastronomy concept, patients and employees of the Hamburg-Eppendorf University Clinic (UKE) are dining on porcelain from Bauscher. The porcelain brand for professional table culture from Weiden in Germany's Upper Palatinate is supplying high-quality porcelain from the Options and Maitre collections for around 1,300 patients and employees of the organisation. Bauscher is one of the partners for this unique concept in Germany which involves treating patients seriously as guests and making an important contribution to their recovery by providing high-quality meals that are prepared and presented attractively. "I am pleased that we have been able to contribute to the success of this project with our porcelain. It is a good example for how hospital catering can be developed to the level of a good hotel in future," says Manfred Praller, Sales Manager at Bauscher. "Here, we experience what really should be self-evident: satisfied patients who feel happy while being in hospital thanks to the good food and appealing presentation." A further advantage of the new concept is that it reduces the workload on nurses and care assistants, meaning that they can concentrate more than before on their real job: caring for and providing medical assistance to patients.

The patient comes first, and dines on Bauscher porcelain

The new gastronomy concept is characterised by a range of special features. Manfred Hannig, Managing Director of Klinik-Gastronomie Eppendorf, and Egon Assmann, Operations Manager, see a host of advantages in the new system: The food is presented in an appetizing manner on the plates and platters of the Options and Maitre collections, and it is served on trays under a high-quality cloche. There are dedicated employees on the wards who are exclusively responsible for heating, preparing and distributing the meals which are delivered by service providers. Each employee looks after about 25 patients. The patients can select from more than 20 meals which are served on the same day: everything from pork steaks and vegetable curry through to omelette and a polenta and mozzarella bake. Breakfasts and suppers are brought to the patients' beds as a small trolley buffet.




"Options" enables a wide variety of combinations

The Hamburg-Eppendorf University Clinic selected its partners with great care. In terms of the porcelain, the decision-makers chose Options above all. This is one of Bauscher's most sophisticated collections which permits a wide variety of combinations thanks to its clear and variable design (round, triangular and square), thereby easily directing the focus onto what is important: the food. Each article performs excellently in various roles, and can be used in a variety of ways. However, there were other reasons to choose Bauscher as well: expert advice provided by the Bauscher sales representative Tomas Gefken, the high quality and edge resilience of the porcelain, its ease of serving, the ability to reorder items at any time as well as the perfect service offered by the company to its customers round the world and round the clock.